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Secure entry and

window monitoring.

Homeowners will never worry
about an open entryway again
with SmartSensor for doors
and windows.

Upgrade homeowners in minutes.                          Help homeowners rest assured.
For homeowners with an ecobee smart thermostat          SmartSensor for doors and windows has
or camera, SmartSensor adds even more value             homeowners covered by working with ecobee
by monitoring their doors and windows through           Haven to send alerts if a door or window
the ecobee app to provide peace of mind                 opens when they’re gone, all while disarming
wherever they are.                                      automatically when they come home.

Easy installation with world class support.             Add value to other devices.
Have homeowners enjoying their new smart home           Doubles as a motion sensor to help homeowner’s
in no time with simple, intuitive installation. If you  smart thermostat offer better home comfort and
ever need assistance, you can contact our expert        energy savings. It also increases security with
support agents directly to help guide you.              SmartCamera by alerting homeowners to motion
                                                        with a 120º sensor field-of-view.
A perfect fit for any homeowner’s system.
ecobee devices are compatible with existing             A longer free trial when you install.
smart home products like Apple HomeKit,                 ecobee Haven is the home monitoring solution
so homeowners can get even more out of                  that enhances ecobee devices to provide
what they love.                                         homeowners with peace of mind. Haven arms
                                                        and disarms automatically to send alerts with
                                                        no false alarms and lets homeowners come and
                                                        go freely without keypads.

Support: 8am-11pm EST (Mon-Fri) and 9am-9pm EST (Sat-Sun) • 1.866.518.6740 • •
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