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Fluid Analysis Services

TotalSense™ Fluid Analysis Services

• One source for all HVAC&R system
  fluid analyses

• Laboratory specialized in HVAC&R analyses

• Analytical reports with meaningful service

• Qualified staff available to answer
  your tough technical questions

Routine analysis of fluids used in HVAC&R
equipment is essential to the proper maintenance
and operation of the entire system. TotalSense™ Fluid
Analysis Services encompass all analyses necessary to
maintain and operate every type of HVAC&R equipment.

With TotalSense™ Fluid Analysis Services, service personnel have a single source for all their analytical testing needs.
Information generated from analyses for the entire HVAC system is consolidated and available in a single database.

TotalSense™ Fluid Analysis Services is dedicated to HVAC&R sample analyses. Our technical staff is experienced
in the unique chemistry of fluids used in the HVAC&R industry and has the added support of a fully qualified mechanical
engineering staff. This experience in the HVAC&R industry is reflected in our analytical reports, which translate the test
results into meaningful service recommendations that have real value in providing a successful preventative maintenance
program. Questions regarding interpretation of analytical results or recommendations can be addressed to our analytical
staff by phone, fax, or email.

Lubricant Analysis                                       Glycol Heat Transfer Fluid Analysis
• Analysis for wear metals, moisture, acidity and        • Freeze point and concentration determination

 oil type in air conditioning or refrigeration systems.  • Fluid analysis for corrosion, additives,
                                                          decomposition, and contaminants.
• Optional analysis for chloride content, ion activity,
 viscosity and % POE are available for certain           Water Analysis
 compressors or system applications.                     • Analysis for hardness and corrosives in cooling towers,

Refrigerant Analysis                                      evaporative condensers, and closed loop systems.
• Analysis of CFC, HCFC and HFC refrigerants
                                                         Filter Analysis
 for contamination and degradation.                      • Standard analysis includes ID exam and gives relative

Lithium Bromide Analysis                                  amounts of metals found in the filter element.
• Fluid analysis for corrosion inhibitor concentration
                                                         Toll-Free Technical Support
 in absorption chiller systems.                          • Engineering and analytical support is available by

Particle Count                                            calling 1-877-460-7575.
• Fluid analysis for Lubricant cleanliness.

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