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How To Become A Filter-Drier Expert In 3 Easy Steps!

 System protection for Air-conditioning and Heat-pump systems begin with the
liquid-line filter drier. Carrier®, Bryant® or Payne® Factory Authorized Parts™, and
Totaline® P502-8 and P504-H/8 Series driers are designed as front-line contaminant
and moisture controls for your environmentally friendly refrigerant systems.

Step One

  Determine if you need to choose a Factory Authorized Parts (F. A. P.) drier or one of our premium Totaline®
liquid-line or heat-pump driers.

  To ensure your systems warranty is not compromised, use only F. A. P. specified driers while your unit is
under warranty. See Table 1* for Carrier®, Bryant® or Payne® most popular F. A. P. A/C and Heat-pump driers.

Table 1 F. A. P. Part No.  Type Refrigerant  F. A. P. Part No.  Type Refrigerant

KH 43LG 072                HP  R-410A        KH 45LD 065        AC                    R-22

KH 43LG 073                AC  R-410A        KH 45LD 118        AC                    R-22

KH 43LG 074                AC  R-410A        KH 45LD 119        AC                    R-22

KH 43LG 075                AC  R-410A        KH 45LE 120        AC                    R-22

KH 43LG 085                AC  R-410A        KH 45LE 170        AC                    R-22

KH 43LG 093                AC  R-410A        KH 45LE 171        AC                    R-22

KH 43LZ 072                HP  R-410A        * Note: Please refer to EPIC for the correctly
                                              sized part number for your unit/model.
KH 43LZ 073                HP  R-410A

Step Two

  For out-of-warranty polyolester (POE) oil applications, use the best liquid-line driers on the aftermarket -
Totaline® P502-8 Series filter driers, and P504-H/8 Series heat-pump driers. The P502-8 and P504-H/8 Series
driers are premium universal replacements for CFC, HCFC, and HFC refrigerants, not only for out-of-warranty
Carrier®, Bryant® or Payne® units, but all other A/C and Heat-pump systems in the market as well.
For superior system protection, Totaline® gives you performance at a competitive price!

  Our Totaline® P502-8 Series compacted bead filter driers are not only the best performers on the market,
but are very competitively priced. With the industry’s move to R-410A systems and R-22 using POE oils,
compacted bead driers must be used and in fact are required due to higher moisture content in high-
pressure applications.

  The most important function of a drier is its ability to remove moisture. Water in POE systems can create
unwanted organic acids. You can depend on the superior filtration of Totaline® P502-8 and P504-H/8 Series
for your units protection. Designed to combat both water and acids, our specially blended high-water capacity
molecular sieve and high-acid capacity activated alumina desiccants provide for maximum moisture and acid
removal. Choose Totaline®, don’t depend on low-cost alternatives in the aftermarket today. See Table 2 for
our most popular liquid-line and
heat-pump Totaline® driers.

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