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AC Wire-in Combination Carbon Monoxide & Photoelectric
Smoke Alarm

• 120VAC Direct Wire with Battery Backup • Alarm/Voice message warning system • Front loading battery

 Totaline® Part Number 21007624

Voice Warning
Warns of hazard by announcing “Fire, Fire” or “Warning, Carbon Monoxide”.

Peak Level Memory
Alerts user when the unit has detected CO concentrations of 100ppm or higher.

Smart HushTM
Silences the unit during nuisance alarm situations.

Two LED’s
    • Red – Alarm mode.
    • Green – Indicates that AC power is present.

Front Load Battery Door
Adjustable Mounting Bracket
Allows for easy installation and alignment.

                                                 .Alerts user to replace CO alarm after 10 years of operation

Description                                                                 • Photoelectric smoke sensor – May detect visible fire                     Combination Smoke and
                                                                              particles associated with slow smoldering fires sooner than                 Carbon Monoxide Alarms
  The Kidde KN-COPE-IC Front-Loading Smoke and Carbon Monoxide                an ionization sensor.
alarm offers protection from two hazards – fire and CO – in one unit.
Sold under the FireX brand, this AC-wire with battery backup alarm emits    • Electrochemical CO sensor – Provides accurate and continual
a beeping tone followed by a voice warning that clearly announces the         CO protection during the product’s life, remains stable during
danger by saying, “Fire! Fire!” or “Warning! Carbon Monoxide!”. The           temperature and humidity changes and resists reactions to
uniquely designed front loading battery compartment makes battery             household gases that may cause false readings or
replacement quick and easy, and ensures proper installation.                  reduce sensitivity.
This alarm also includes the world’s most accurate CO sensing technol-
ogy based on claims by major manufacturers.                                 • Smart Touch Button – One button performs the

  Leading authorities recommend that both ionization and                      following functions:
photoelectric smoke alarms be installed to help ensure maximum                – Activates the Hush® feature to temporarily silence nuisance
detection of the various types of fire that can occur within the home.
                                                                                  alarms (will announce “Hush mode activated,” or “Hush
Alarm Warnings                                                                    mode cancelled.”)

Fire: The red LED will flash and be accompanied by three long alarm           – Simultaneously tests the unit’s electronics and verifies
beeps followed by a verbal warning message “FIRE! FIRE!”. The alarm               proper operation
will repeat pattern until smoke is eliminated.
Carbon Monoxide: Four short alarm beeps followed by a verbal warning          – Activates the peak level memory feature (will announce
“WARNING! CARBON MONOXIDE!” This continues until the unit is reset                “Caution, Carbon Monoxide previously detected” if unit has
or the CO is eliminated.                                                          detected levels of 100 ppm or higher)
Low Battery: One chirp followed by warning “LOW BATTERY”. The red
LED light will flash.                                                         – Resets the unit during a CO alarm (Unit will re-enter alarm
Alarm Memory: The green LED will blink once every 16 seconds                      within 6 minutes of reset if 70ppm or more of CO is present).
to alert a user when the unit has alarmed for smoke or has detected a
concentration of CO. If the alarm has detected a CO level of 100ppm or        – Silences a low battery chirp for up to 12 hours
greater, when the Test/Reset button is pressed the unit will announce “CO
PREVIOUSLY DETECTED”. If the alarm has detected abnormal levels of            – Silences the end of life chirp for two days
smoke since its last test, it will produce three rapid beeps.
                                                                            • Tamper Resistant – Unit will lock to mounting bracket and
Features and Benefits                                                         battery door will lock to deter theft or tampering.

• AC-Wire with battery backup – Powered by home’s electricity in order      • Green LED – Steady on when receiving AC power.
  to provide continuous protection. An included 9V battery protects during
  short-term power outages.                                                 • Red LED – Flashes in conjunction with the alarm sounding.

• Front-Loading Battery – Speeds up replacement by eliminating the          • End of Life Signal – Ten years after initial power, the unit will “chirp”
  need to remove the unit from the ceiling or wall.                           twice every 30 seconds to indicate the need to immediately replace the

• Unique Battery Door Design – Will not close if battery is not             alarm.
  installed properly.
                                                                            • Low Battery Signal – Will chirp every minute and red LED will flash
• Voice Warning – Supplements warning from the traditional 85-decibel         to indicate low battery.
  alarm by clearly stating the danger present, fire or carbon monoxide.
                                                                            • Interconnectable – Will interconnect with up to 24 other devices
                                                                              (18 of which can be initiating) including smoke, CO and heat alarms.

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