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Kidde RemoteLync Home Monitoring Device - Ordering#: 21026465

Primary Residence      Vacation Home        Homes With Pets         PRODUCT FEATURES:
    Helps protect      A vacation home     During an emergency,
                      may be miles away,   a pet could be trapped   • Powered by 120V AC (60 Hz, 20mA max)
 your home from the     but you can be     inside. The device can   • UL Listed
  dangers of fire or  notified if a smoke  alert you or a neighbor  • One year warranty
  carbon monoxide.    or carbon monoxide   to a potential concern.  • Connects to existing wireless router
                         alarm sounds.
                                                                    INSTALL ANYWHERE

                                                                    Provides you with alerts to the threat of fire and carbon
                                                                    monoxide when you are away from home!


                                                                    • Acoustic Detection Device - listens for
                                                                      the sound of a smoke or carbon monoxide
                                                                      alarm and will send an alert to your smart
                                                                      phone, tablet or PC

                                                                    • Works with your existing smoke or carbon
                                                                      monoxide alarms

                                                                    • AC Powered - plugs into any available
                                                                      wall outlet

                                                                    • Easily connects with your existing wireless router

                                                                    TOTAL HOME COVERAGE

                                                                    A single RemoteLync Monitor provides coverage for an
                                                                    average residential home.

                                                                    ALERT YOUR NETWORK

                                                                    • Easy to install
                                                                    • No monthly fees
                                                                    • Works with existing smoke and carbon monoxide alarms
                                                                    You can use your RemoteLync Monitor to notify people in
                                                                    your personal network of a potential concern to your home
                                                                    or property — allowing you to create your own trusted
                                                                    network of family member, friends or neighbors who can
                                                                    verify the concern or notify the authorities.

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