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How To Use A Fire Extinguisher. Remember the phrase: P-A-S-S

                PA                                              SS

Agents & NFPA Recommendations

   EXTINGUISHING AGENTS                                               Agent            Classification
There are different fire extinguisher agents,                   Multi-Purpose
which make them more or less appropriate for use,                    Regular
depending on the type of fire, and the setting in                    Purple K
which they will be used.
                                                                Carbon Dioxide
Some agents can be used on more than one type of                 Wet Chemical
fire, and some have very specialized characteristics
that make them particularly useful for a specific                   Halotron
type of fire situation.                                               Water

Summary of minimum general fire extinguisher                    Summary of minimum class A and B extinguisher
coverage requirements for occupancies by hazard                 ratings and maximum travel distances per NFPA-10:
classifications per NFPA-10:

    Hazard             Class A Fire           Class B Fire          Hazard      Class A                   Class B
classification     Hazard Materials       Hazard Materials      classification
                                          Total quantity of                                             5B rating
     Light         Total quantity of    Class B flammables:       Light              2A rating     30 feet (9.14 m)
   Hazards      Class A combustibles:    < 1 gallon (3.8 L) in  Hazards         75 feet (22.86 m)
   Ordinary                               any room or area                                             10B rating
   Hazards       Normal furnishings    Total quantity of Class  Ordinary             2A rating     50 feet (15.25 m)
                                        B flammables: 1 to 5    Hazards         75 feet (22.86 m)
     Extra         Total quantity of   gallons (3.8 to 18.9 L)                                         10B rating
   Hazards      Class A combustibles:    in any room or area    Extra Hazards        4A rating     30 feet (9.14 m)
                Occasionally beyond                                             75 feet (22.86 m)
                                          Total quantity of                                            20B rating
                 normal furnishings     Class B flammables:                                        50 feet (15.25 m)
                   Total quantity of   > 5 gallons (18.9 L) in
                                                                                                       40B rating
                Class A combustibles:     any room or area                                         30 feet (9.14 m)
                   Involves storage,
                                                                                                       80B rating
                 packaging, handling                                                               50 feet (15.25 m)
                  or manufacture of
                Class A combustibles

NOTE: The NFPA-10 standard provides specific guidelines addressing fire extinguisher selection and installation details
that should be referenced, as well as checking local applicable codes which can have additional fire extinguisher related
requirements.                                                                                                              3
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