Page 1 - Indoor Air Quality: TL-EZ4F 2-Zone Controller Spec Sheet
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TL Series TL-EZ4F Zone Controller

• Full-Featured 4-Zone Controller  • P lastic Enclosure and
• Electronic Limit Control™         Spare Fuse Included

• TL Series Staging                • TL Series Exclusive Start-Up
                                    Equipment Test Mode
• Bright, Backlit LCD Display
                                   • LED Indicates Blown Fuse
• O n-Board Fresh Air and         • Stand-Alone or 4-Zone
 Economizer Control
                                    Expansion Module
• Return Air or Fresh Air
 Temperature Monitoring Available  • D ependable
                                    Field-Proven Platform
• Supply Air and Return
 Air Sensor Included

GENERAL DESCRIPTION                                           EASY TROUBLESHOOTING
The TL Series EZ4F controller features a state-of-the-art     • D isplay Indicates Full System Status
microprocessor for reliable control of four (4) zones from    • C olor-Coded LED Indicators for Each
a single forced-air HVAC system. The panel includes a
bright, backlit LCD display with full text for system status    Thermostat Call and Equipment Call
monitoring and diagnosis. In addition, each thermostat and    • T wo-Color LED Indicators Show Damper Position
equipment terminal has its own color-coded LED allowing       • R ed LED Indicates Blown Fuse
for easy monitoring of thermostat and equipment calls. The
included supply air temperature sensor allows for constant    EASY OPERATION
monitoring of supply air temperature in the plenum.           • M ix & Match Standard Gas/Electric and
The included return air temperature sensor provides a
convenient look at the system’s performance. TL Series          Heat Pump Thermostats
exclusive Electronic Limit Control™ (ELC) technology          • T L Series Staging Based on Supply Air
protects the system’s compressor and heat exchanger
from potential issues associated with freeze-up and over        Temperature
heating. Intelligent TL Series Staging handles equipment      • A utomatic Changeover for Maximum Comfort
staging based on time and temperature, allowing the use       • M icroprocessor Manages All Complex Decisions
of singlestage thermostats. Exclusive Economy Mode            • A djustable Staging Time and Temperature
provides comfort and efficiency control. Supports up to
3-Stage Heating and 2-Stage Cooling equipment.                  for Maximum Comfort

                                                              • C ustomer Never Needs to Use the Control Panel
• Mounts with Two Screws • S imple Step-By-Step              • S electable Zone-1 Priority for More

• Q uick-Connect        System Setup                           Customer Control
                                                              • E nable Emergency Heat from Zone 1 Thermostat
Screwless Terminals      • C ontroller Guides You            • C onstant Supply Air Monitoring from ELC™

• Innovative Enclosure  Thru Each Step                         Ensures Customer Safety
                                                              • Z one Specific Ventilation - Energize Fan from
Design with Multiple Wiring • B acklit LCD Display is EZ
                                                                Any Thermostat
and Mounting Options     to See

                         • N o Dipswitches - No
                           Confusion - No Guessing
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