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POWER     TL-EZ2F       8VA Max (24VAC @ 300mA)
                        Separate transformer design for controller, thermostats and dampers (Field Supplied)
          System Power  Separate RC & RH terminals for separate equipment transformers, if needed
          Requirements  8VA + Thermostats (3VA) + Dampers (3 to 10VA) = Total Transformer Size
                        Integrated 5x20mm 300ma Slo-Blo Fuse - One replacement also included

                        10 AMP @ 24VAC Contact Rating

                        RH - 24VAC HOT from Heating Transformer on Equipment (RED Led)

                        RC - 24VAC HOT from Cooling Transformer on Equipment (RED Led)

OUTPUTS                 C - 24VAC COMMON from Transformer on Equipment (NO Led)

          Equipment     Y1 - 1st Stage Compressor (YELLOW Led)

                        Y2 - 2nd Stage Compressor (YELLOW Led)                    10.625”
                        G - Fan (GREEN Led)

                        W1/EH - 1st Stage Heat OR Emergency Heat (RED Led)

                        W2 O/B - Reversing Valve OR 2nd Stage Heat (ORANGE Led)

OUTPUTS   Dampers       10 AMP @ 24VAC Contact Rating
                        Power Close/Spring Open Dampers (10VA)
                        Power Open/Spring Close Dampers (10VA)
                        Power Open/Power Close Dampers (3VA)

INPUTS                  LABEL - DESCRIPTION (LED COLOR)                                                        5.6875”
                        R - 24VAC HOT (RED)
          Thermostat    C - Common (NONE)
                        Y - Compressor (YELLOW)
          Temperature   G - Fan (GREEN)
                        W - Heart OR Emergency Heat (RED)
          Equipment     O/B - Reversing Valve (ORANGE)
          Capabilities  EC - Economy Input (GREEN) - Zone ONE Only
INPUTS    Capabilities  10K Type II Thermistor
                        SA Sensor - 4” Supply Air Temperature Sensor - Stainless Steel Probe w/10ft.

                        Cable and Plug (Provided with each TL Series Controller)

                        FA Sensor - Optional Return Air Sensor or Outdoor Temperature Sensor

                        SPECIAL FEATURES                                                              10.625”

                        A/C - Gas Heat

                        A/C - Electric Heat

                        Electric Heat Pump - Electric Auxiliary Heat

                        3 Heat/2 Cool

FEATURES                TL Series Staging

                        Zone 1 Thermostat Staging Capable

                        Electronic Limit Control

                        Adjustable High and Low Limit Set points

                        Adjustable Time and Temperature Aux Heat Staging                                       1.625”
                        Fresh Air or Economizer Control
                        On-Board Supply Air Temperature Monitoring                                    5.6875”

                        Back-lit LCD Display

                        LED Indicators for Thermostat and Equipment Calls         1.625”
                        Exclusive Technician Run-Test Mode

                        5-Year Warranty


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