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TL Series TL-EZ2F Zone Controller

• Economy 2-Zone Controller         • P lastic Enclosure and Spare
                                      Fuse Included
• Electronic Limit Control™
                                    • T L Series Exclusive Start-Up
• TL Series Staging                   Equipment Test Mode

• Bright, Backlit LCD Display       • L ED Indicates Blown Fuse

• O n-Board Fresh Air and          • S tand-Alone or 2-Zone
  Economizer Control                  Expansion Module

• R eturn Air or Fresh Air         • D ependable Field-Proven
  Temperature Monitoring Available    Platform

• S upply Air and Return
   Air Sensor Included

GENERAL DESCRIPTION                                           EASY TROUBLESHOOTING
The TL Series EZ2F controller features a state-of-the-art     • D isplay Indicates Full System Status
microprocessor for reliable control of two (2) zones from     • C olor-Coded LED Indicators for Each
a single forced-air HVAC system. The panel includes a
bright, backlit LCD display with full text for system status    Thermostat Call and Equipment Call
monitoring and diagnosis. In addition, each thermostat and    • T wo-Color LED Indicators Show
equipment terminal has its own color-coded LED allowing
for easy monitoring of thermostat and equipment calls.          Damper Position
The included supply air temperature sensor allows for         • R ed LED Indicates Blown Fuse
constant monitoring of supply air temperature in the plenum.
The included return air sensor allows easy observation        EASY OPERATION
of equipment status. TL Series exclusive Electronic           • M ix & Match Standard Gas/Electric
Limit Control™ (ELC) technology protects the system’s
compressor and heat exchanger from potential issues             and Heat Pump Thermostats
associated with freeze-up and over heating. TL Series         • T L Series Staging Based
Staging handles equipment staging based on time and
temperature, allowing the use of singlestage thermostats.       on Supply Air Temperature
Exclusive Economy Mode provides comfort and efficiency        • A utomatic Changeover for Maximum Comfort
control. Supports up to 3-Stage Heating and 2-Stage           • M icroprocessor Manages All Complex Decisions
Cooling equipment.                                            • A djustable Staging Time and Temperature

EASY INSTALLATION        EASY CONFIGURATION                     for Maximum Comfort

• Mounts with Two Screws • S imple Step-By-Step              EASY CUSTOMER FEATURES
                                                              • C ustomer Never Needs to Use the Control Panel
• Q uick-Connect        System Setup                         • S electable Zone-1 Priority for More

Screwless Terminals      • C ontroller Guides You              Customer Control
                                                              • E nable Emergency Heat from
• Innovative Enclosure  Thru Each Step
                                                                Zone 1 Thermostat
Design with Multiple Wiring • B acklit LCD Display is        • C onstant Supply Air Monitoring from ELC™

and Mounting Options     EZ to See                              Ensures Customer Safety
                                                              • Z one Specific Ventilation - Energize Fan
                         • N o Dipswitches - No
                           Confusion - No Guessing              from Any Thermostat
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