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INDOOR AIR QUALITY                  Small Bypass                       Large Bypass                                                     Large Fan

Indoor humidity levels, or amount of moisture in the air, have a
significant impact on comfort - from dry sinuses, bloody noses, cracked
lips, and itchy eyes, to aggravating respiratory allergies and asthma.
Fortunately, Totaline offers multiple whole-home humidifier solutions to
keep the residence at the recommended 30-50% humidity levels1.

Three whole-home humidifier solutions to meet your humidity needs.

                                       HUMIDIFIER SIZING TABLE2

                                       Building Floor Area, Including Basement

Part Number   Description              Loose Construction  Average Construction Tight Construction
P110-SBP2412  Small bypass humidifier
                                       Up to 1,200 ft2 / 111 m2 Up to 1,794 ft2 / 166 m2 Up to 3,588 ft2 / 333 m2

P110-LBP2417 Large bypass humidifier Up to 1,700 ft2 /158 m2 Up to 2,545 ft2 / 236 m2 Up to 5,000 ft2 / 464 m2

P110-LFP1518 Large fan Humidifier      Up to 1,800 ft2 / 167m2 Up to 2,697 ft2 / 250 m2 Up to 5,000 ft2 / 464 m2

Assumes 8’ ceilings. Loose construction = little or no insulation; average = insulated w/ vapor retarders, storm doors and windows; tight
= well insulated w/ tight storm doors & weather stripping. See AHRI Guideline F for full details. Bypass humidifiers use ductwork between
the return and the supply for airflow. Fan powered do not require additional ductwork and may be advantageous in certain installations.


• T hree ways to control. Use the included manual humidistat, or upgrade to the
 optional HumidiTrac to allow the humidifier to compensate for the outside temperature.
 A thermostat, provided it has humidifier control, can also be used.

• Q uiet operation. Totaline whole-home humidifiers add moisture by quietly drawing
 air through a humidifier pad, then utilize the existing HVAC system to distribute the
 moistened air throughout the home.

• S imple maintenance. Totaline humidifiers are designed for easy serviceability.
 Service is required only once per season, and typically takes less than 30 minutes
 – including changing the humidifier pads. Unlike portable humidifiers, there are no
 reservoirs that require cleaning and refilling.

• L ong lasting, quality components. All humidifier housing parts that come in contact
 with water are non-metal and will not rust or corrode. Electrical components have a
 five-year limited warranty, and the entire unit is backed by a one-year limited warranty.
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