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TPI Tools 3ft Planogram

Part           Description                              Suggested
Number                                                  Stocking

P920-183A-TPI  True RMS DMM with Capacitance            2
P920-270-TPI   Clamp-On Tester with Frequency & Capacitance 2

               Clamp-On Tester with Digital Multimeter  2

P920-621C3-TPI Dual Input Differential Manometer Kit    2
P920-183AC3-TPI HVAC Multimeter Kit                     2

P920-725L-TPI  Combustible Gas Leak Detector            6
P920-315C-TPI  Pocket Thermometer                       6
P920-50-TPI    AC Safety Volt Check                     6
P920-TLK3-TPI  Test Lead Kit                            4

P920-343-TPI   Dual Input K-Type Thermocouple Thermometer 2
P920-621-TPI   Infrared Thermometer                     2

               Dual Input Differential Manometer        2

P920-717-TPI Combustion Analyzer with Smart Sensors     1
P920-717A740-TPI Combustion Analyzer with Printer       1