Page 1 - Fact Sheet: 5 Things You Need to Know About Kidde
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                    5 Things You Need to Know About Kidde

1. Kidde is the largest manufacture of smoke and carbon monoxide alarms.

    Conclusion: It makes sense to stock and sell this well known, UL listed quality line of fire and safety products.

2. Nearly 80% of homes are not up to smoke and/or carbon monoxide code(s).

    Conclusion: There is a virtually untapped market to sell this product and there is legislation driving it. Market your
    technicians as the experts in installing and maintaining fire prevention for the homeowner.

3. The only way to detect carbon monoxide is with an auxiliary device such as a carbon monoxide

    Conclusion: Kidde uses cutting edge technology to produce industry leading carbon monoxide alarms. They were the first
    to create a 10 year carbon monoxide alarm and have an ultra-sensitive alarm intended for seniors and children

4. Cracked heat exchangers in older, natural draft furnaces and disconnected vent pipes can cause
   carbon monoxide in the home.

    Conclusion: If you are in the business of maintaining furnaces, you need to be in the business of selling carbon monoxide

5. Kidde offers options that will take the stress and lower the long term cost of smoke and carbon
   monoxide alarms to your customers.

    Conclusion: Invest in 10 Year Kidde Worry-Free smoke and carbon monoxide alarms.
         • Easy installation – drill, screw, activate
         • Lithium sealed battery – never replace the battery until the unit has reached its ‘end of life’
         • Automatic upsell - the unit will alert the homeowner when it is time to replace the alarm
         • Smart technology – there are designated areas included in the packaging, to place the alarm in your home;
             hallway, bedroom, living area, or kitchen