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BACnet MS/TP Gateway


   The Intesis BACnet gateway connects a single Carrier Ductless
   Indoor Unit to a BACnet control system allowing bi-directional control
   and monitoring.
   The gateway is wired directly to the Ductless indoor unit. This allows
   not only the control of the main AC functions such as operating mode,
   fan speed, temperature setpoint, but the monitoring of errors, alarms
   and some internal variables.
   The product can be installed and set up in a really short time. It’s only
   a matter of wiring the gateway to the AC unit, connect 12 VDC/AC
   power supply (field-supplied) and configure the DIP-SW accordingly.
   No configuration software is required.

Standard Features

•	 BTL mark ensures full interoperability with BACnet        •	 Bidirectional communication of Air Conditioning unit
	 devices.                                                   	 properties and functionalities as BACnet Objects.

•	 Supports only BACnet MS/TP.                               •	 12 VDC/AC power supply required. (Field Procured)

•	 Simultaneous control of the AC unit by Carrier Wired /    •	 Mountable on DIN rail, wall, or Field Procured
	 IR remote (depending on type of unit) and BACnet           	 enclosure
                                                             •	 Reduced dimensions 93 x 53 x 58 mm
•	 Factory Wired/IR remotes can be disabled to only
	 allow BACnet control.                                      •	 Configured with on board DIP-Switches, no
                                                             	 software required
•	 Occupancy function allows energy savings.

•	 Quick and easy installation (connect and set the

•	 Total control and monitoring of the AC unit from
	 BACnet, including AC unit’s internal variables, running
	 hours counter (for filter maintenance control) and indoor
	 unit error codes.


Only specific Carrier DLS indoor product families are tested for compatibility with the Intesis BACnet MS/TP
1:1 gateway INBACMID001I100. Ductless indoor unit backward compatibility as well as future versions’
compatibility is not guaranteed.

	 Carrier DLS Indoor Family 	                                Compatibility

	 Entry Tier High Wall 40MHHQ(size 09-24)---3 	              Yes

	 High Tier High Wall 40MPHAQ(size 09-24)XA3 	               Yes

	 Mid Tier Cassette 40MBCQ(size09-24)---3 	                  Yes

	 Mid Tier Ducted 40MBDQ(size09-24)---3 	                    Yes

	  Mid Tier High Wall 40MAQB(size09-24)B---3 	               Yes* (see * note below)

*The current mid-tier Ductless High Wall 40MAQB**B---3 indoor unit will need to have the display and adaptor board
to function with the Intesis BACnet MS/TP gateway. The 40MAQ Adapter Board, P/N 17222000A50275, and Display
Board Assembly, P/N 17222000A17852, can be ordered from RC.

** Any third party product purchased from Carrier carries solely the warranty from the manufacturer of that product, if
any. Carrier does not warrant performance of such product beyond the manufacturer’s warranty, if applicable, to
customers and end users of this product. Carrier disclaims all other warranties, express or implied,
including with respect to security, and further disclaims all liability arising out of or in connection
third party systems and equipment.

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