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Drop-in Replacements

for Trane®Climatuff®Reciprocating Compressors

                     Now, a drop-in replacement for your customers
                     that are working on Trane®units with Climatuff ®
                     reciprocating compressors in only two steps!

                     Step One: Verify it’s a Climatuff®
                     reciprocating compressor by
                     asking if it’s:

                     1. ORANGE in color?

                     2. Mounted on three legs?

                     3. Uses refrigerant R-22?

                     4. Connections are Rotolock?

                     If all answers are YES, you now
                     have a replacement opportunity!

                     Step Two: Select the replacement part                        Dim.
                     number in Table 1 once you determine:
                     1. The distance between suction to
Table 1                 discharge fittings (either 7.5” or 9”)


                     2. The nominal capacity in tons

Drop-in Replacement  Suction to Discharge (Dimension A)  Nominal Capacity (tons)
     Part Number       Measure Centerline to Centerline              1.5
   HTRB183ABCS                           9”                           2
   HTRB253ABCS                           9”                          2.5
   HTRJ303ABCT                          7.5”                          3
   HTRJ363ABCT                          7.5”

Drop-in replacement part numbers all have the same fit and function as the original reciprocating compressor:
1. BLACK in color (and comes with a molded plug in the box)
2. Same three-leg mount
3. Charged with POE oil (so may be used with R-22 or R-407C)
4. Same rotolock configuration as TRANE®, American Standard® and Maneurop®
5. Same suction to discharge fitting distance
6. Same nominal capacity

                                             See cross-reference on back for more details.

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