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Air Purifiers


                                          Air Purifier                        Smart Air Purifier                 OptiClean™              OptiClean™
                                      RMAP-ST RMAP-XL                         RMAP-SST RMAP-SXL                 FN1AAF006000            FN1AAF015000
                                      Available in USA only                    Available in USA only

Description                           Portable air purifier with High         Portable air purifier with        Portable Dual-Mode Air Scrubber & Negative
                                      Efficiency Filter that captures         Smart Home Integration            Air Machine is 99.97% efficient, long-life
                                      over 99% of airborne particles          and HEPA filter that captures     HEPA filter removes particles as small as 0.3
                                      sized 0.3 microns                       99.97% of airborne particles      microns
                                                                              sized 0.3 microns

                                      Rooms between 400-550 sq. ft.           Rooms between 400-550 sq. ft.     Light commercial/business spaces with
                                      with a small available footprint        with a small available footprint
Use Case                                                                                                        rooms between 600-1500 sq. ft. and a small

                                                                                                                available footprint

Filter Type(s)                        ONE filter with three filtration        ONE filter with three filtration  TWO filters with combined impact to create
                                      layers to create healthier indoor air.  layers to create healthier        healthier indoor air:
                                      A. Pre-filter section removes large     indoor air.                       1. MERV 7 or higher pre-filter captures larger
                                                                              A. Pre-filter section removes
                                         airborne particles like dust, dirt                                        particles.
                                         and pet dander.                         large airborne particles like  2. Long-life, 99.97% efficient, HEPA filter
                                      B. Advanced high-efficiency filter         dust, dirt and pet dander.
                                         section captures over 99% of         B. HEPA filter captures 99.97%       removes particles as small as 0.3 microns.
                                         particles sized 0.3 microns,            of particles sized 0.3         The filters are replacable independantly -
                                         including pollen.                       microns.                       replace the pre-filter more often than the long-
                                      C. Activated carbon filter section      C. Activated carbon filter        life HEPA filter.
                                         for odors and VOCs.                     section for odors and VOCs

Smart Home Integration                                          Use the Carrier Home app to                                          -
                                                                operate your air purifier and
                                                                monitor your home’s air quality
                                      - from anywhere.1 And connect
                                                                your device to Amazon Alexa
                                                                or Google Assistant for voice

              Air Quality Monitor     Continuously samples incoming air, measures levels of pollution and                       -        ✓
Filter Replacement Indicator          indicates air quality with an easy to read color-coded LED screen          ✓                        -
                                                                                                                 -                       ✓
                                                           ✓✓                                                    ✓                       ✓
                                                                                                                 ✓                       ✓
Smart Mode                            Automatically adjusts fan speed based on the air quality level.            ✓                       ✓
Robust All-Metal Cabinet              -                                       -                                                         $$$$
                                                                                                                $$$                     $$$
HVAC Grade ECM Motor                  -                                       -                                 $$$
All Metal Blower                      -                                       -                                  $

ASHRAE Standard 170                   -                                       -
      (Health Care Facilities)

Parts Limited Warranty                                                            1 Year

MSRP (online price)                   $                                       $$

High Efficiency or HEPA Filter Price  $$                                      $$

2” pre-Filter Price                   -                                       -
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