Indoor Air Quality Humidity Control

Fan and Bypass Humidifiers

Optimal generation of comforting moisture
Working together, Totaline’s water solenoid valve, water metering orifice, water distribution tray and aluminum humidifier pad efficiently generate maximum levels of comforting moisture.

Simple, Infrequent Maintenance
Totaline humidifiers are designed for easy serviceability. In most instances it takes less than 1/2 hour since maintenance (including changing the humidifier pad) is performed once a season. Unlike portables, there are no reservoirs which need to be frequently cleaned and refilled.

Long Lasting high quality components
With proper maintenance, your humidifier will last for many years. That’s because it’s designed with durable UV and corrosion resistant plastic. This plastic resists deterioration even when exposed to Ultraviolet light sources common in many systems today.

Three humidity control options
Choose between 3 separate control options; the humidistat, the HumidiTrac and the Thermidistat control. Each option provides precise control of humidity levels in your home.

Quiet Operation
Nearly silent operation is the result of Totaline Humidifier’s precision engineered fan and motor combination in the large fan powered unit. In all Totaline units, air is quietly drawn through the humidifier pad which efficiently turns water into water vapor to humidify your home.

Electrical components are covered by a five-year limited warranty and the entire unit is backed by a one-year limited warranty.

Indoor Air Quality: Humidification

Did you know that many heating systems can dry out the air in your customers homes? Totaline humidifiers will provide a quick affordable comfort solution to your customers.