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Finding a reliable, durable capacitor for your AC repair can be a challenge. There are many options that are hard to install, have poor safety standard ratings, or are not backed by a warranty. And even once you think you’ve chosen a good part, you find the performance isn’t up to par. Thankfully, our Factory Authorized PartsTM Capacitors provide everything you’re looking for, and they’re exact drop-in replacements for your Carrier®, Bryant®, and Payne® equipment.

Only Factory Authorized Parts are certified to meet OEM form, fit & function. Our high quality capacitors meet exact part design life testing for maximum reliability and durability of the part. They’re exact drop-in replacement parts, which makes them easy to install and service. Be sure that our capacitors meet precise design specifications for optimum system performance, maintain equipment warranties, agency certifications and safety standards. And you can trust them for proprietary design specifications that are not available to other parts manufacturers.

Plus, Factory Authorized Parts are backed by an incredible two-year warranty! You won’t get that kind of guaranteed quality from any other parts.*

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* excluding compressors and commercial applied parts

System Components: Get Your Motor Running Poster

System Components: Get Your Motor Running Poster

Factory Authorized Parts Product Features

Factory Authorized Parts Product Features

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Discover the incredible benefits of using Factory Authorized Parts for every Carrier Bryant, or Payne repair job.