Chemicals & Oils

Chemicals & Oils

We know that quality aftermarket products mean you can get the job done affordably and that’s just good for your business.

Maintaining a profitable preventative maintenance program is easy with Totaline®. Our comprehensive lineup of chemicals, oils and supplies include:

  • Condenser Cleaner
  • Condenser Coil Cleaner
  • Foam Cleaning Fluid
  • Indoor Coil Cleaner
  • Ice Machine Cleaner
  • Corrosion Control
  • Electronic Air Cleaner Concentrate
  • Degreasing Solvent
  • Fin Protector
  • Leak Reactant
  • System Sanitizer
  • Algaecide
  • Scale Remover

All Totaline® products go through a rigorous testing process to ensure safety for the technician and your equipment.
·         Equipment and technician safe
·         UL certified products
·         Carrier and UTC EH&S approved
·         Environmental products in line-up

Premium blend of ingredients to help get the job done fast and right!
·         Premium products = easy rinse ability
·         Exclusive formulation: will not duplicate in another brand
·         Strong, quality products; never diluted

Easy to read graphical representations: Know exactly how to dilute each chemical with the appropriate amount of water.
·         Product type and description right on the package
·         Easy to select the correct product
·         Clear instructions, dilution information right on the bottle


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Chemicals: Totaline Chemicals, Oils & Supplies Catalog

Chemicals: Totaline Chemicals, Oils & Supplies Catalog

Lit. No. 570-729 Rev E

Totaline Universal HVAC/R Parts & Supplies

Totaline Universal HVAC/R Parts & Supplies

Lit. No. 570-105

Chemicals: Totaline Oils & Lubricants

Chemicals: Totaline Oils & Lubricants

Lit. No. 570-728

Chemicals: The fastest way to a great relationship Poster

Chemicals: The fastest way to a great relationship Poster

Chemicals: Approved Totaline® Oils for Totaline and Carlyle™ Compressors

Chemicals: Approved Totaline® Oils for Totaline and Carlyle™ Compressors

Lit. No. 570-705

Chemicals: Totaline Chemicals & Supplies

The chemicals you choose can make a critical difference. You want the highest quality, and that’s what you’ll get from Totaline® and our complete line of chemicals and supplies.

Chemicals: Coil Cleaners

Proper coil maintenance is vital to keeping your customers’ air conditioning units running at peak efficiency. And it helps extend the life of the system. But it’s important to choose the right cleaners for the job.

Totaline Aftermarket Parts

Chemicals: Totaline Indoor and Outdoor Coil Cleaner

Trust Totaline on Your Truck

No matter the season, no matter the job, you need to be ready for any emergency. And you will be, when you stock your truck with Totaline Universal HVAC Parts and Supplies

Chemicals: Totaline Extensive Line of Chemicals, Oils, and Supplies

Chemicals: Totaline Oils

No HVACR technician’s truck is complete without a supply of oil for servicing any compressor or other equipment they might need to work on.

Chemicals: Totaline Indoor Coil Cleaner, No-Rinse Aerosol - Video

Chemicals: Totaline Evaporator Coil Cleaner – Video

Totaline Cross Reference Tool – Oils

Chemicals: Benefits of Totaline Chemicals - Video

Totaline offers an extensive line of chemicals, lubricants, and cleaning suppliers.