Genuine Carlyle™ Remanufactured Compressor or Unauthorized Rebuilt? You Decide

When you’re in the market for a compressor, you know that brand-new is not always an option. But you also want to make the right choice in order to maintain quality and safety for your customers. One way you can do that is by choosing a Carlyle factory-remanufactured compressor over a rebuilt compressor.

What is the difference between a rebuilt compressor and a Carlyle remanufactured compressor? Likely, a great deal. An unauthorized rebuilt compressor, even if Carlyle originally produced it, is just not the same as a genuine Carlyle remanufactured compressor. Here are a few reasons why choosing rebuilt over remanufactured is not the best choice:

  • Rebuilt compressors are not UL-recognized.
  • These compressors are repaired or partially rebuilt to old specifications.
  • Components are often used “as-is”.
  • Critical parts are reused or replaced with parts that may not meet rigid Carlyle specifications.
  • These compressors may have undergone limited run tests, or none at all.
  • Rebuilt compressors may have limited warranty coverage.

When you compare this to the many benefits of choosing a Carlyle factory remanufactured compressor, the choice becomes clear:

  • Carlyle factory-remanufactured compressors are UL-recognized.
  • These compressors are completely remanufactured to current OEM specifications right at the Carlyle facility, using genuine parts.
  • All critical wearing components, rings, valves and bearings are replaced – even if they don’t need to be.
  • Cylinder walls are re-honed and the crankshaft is re-machined and polished to ensure reliable performance.
  • Bores are measured with a highly sensitive air gauge.
  • Authorized remanufacturers and Carlyle personnel audit quality control measures.
  • All compressors are 100-percent run tested, under load.
  • Carlyle remanufactured compressors are backed by Carrier® Corporation service and warranty programs.

The truth is, a rebuilt compressor simply isn’t the same as a Carlyle remanufactured compressor, no matter how you look at it. For great value, efficiency, and equipment that meets stringent UL standards, choose a genuine Carlyle remanufactured compressor. And what’s more, Carlyle remanufactured compressors are easy to locate - you'll find them, as well as a full line of compressor replacement accessories, when you visit your local Totaline® Sales Center.