Factory Authorized Parts™ Filters Driers are the Right Choice

Choosing the right parts for any job is important. So, when it comes to servicing Carrier®, Bryant® or Payne® equipment, using Factory Authorized Parts is always the right choice. And when you need to replace a filter-drier in these equipment brands, Factory Authorized Parts offer specific advantages to you, the technician, and the consumer.

Learn about the benefits of choosing Factory Authorized Parts filter-driers.

Desiccant Mix: The first benefit is the desiccant mix. Factory Authorized Parts filter-driers are composed of a special mix of desiccants designed for CBP systems only, while aftermarket filter-driers use the same blend of desiccants for all systems. This makes Factory Authorized Parts filter-driers better at preventing freeze-up, as well as rust and acid formation.

• Desiccant Sieve Size: The next difference is the size of that desiccant sieve. The size of Factory Authorized Parts filter-drier sieve allows for minimal lubricant depletion, where aftermarket filter-driers may not have enough water capacity to solve co-absorption issues.

• Dirt Filtration: Another big difference is dirt filtration capability. Factory Authorized Parts filter driers provide for the maximum filtration of contaminants while the generic design of aftermarket filter-driers often does not.

• Water Capacity: R-410A aftermarket driers may have too little drying agent so they can't remove as much water. Factory Authorized Parts driers, on the other hand, are compatible with Puron® refrigerant so they minimize the breakdown of these lubricants into acids.

• Corrosion Resistance Ability: Factory Authorized filter-driers meet very stringent Carrier engineering requirements to prevent the hydrolysis of refrigerants and formation of acids. Aftermarket driers may not do this, which could cause freeze-ups in the capillary tube or expansion valve.

The biggest difference? How Factory Authorized Parts filter-driers are made.

Finally, one of the biggest differences between these Factory Authorized and aftermarket filter driers is construction. The non-extended connections in aftermarket driers may lead to damage of drier components during soldering. Factory Authorized Parts have extended fittings that help to avoid this. Also, aftermarket fittings may only be copper-plated as opposed to the solid copper found in Factory Authorized Parts driers.

You can easily get the Factory Authorized Parts filter-drier you need. Learn how.

As you can see, there are major differences between Factory Authorized Parts filters-driers and aftermarket driers. You'll definitely want to consider these differences the next time you need a drier – they could make a big difference in the reliability and performance of your customers' systems!

To learn more about our complete lineup of Factory Authorized Parts, stop into one of our Carrier/Bryant Distribution Centers. There, our friendly counter salespeople will be more than happy to help you with your Factory Authorized Parts needs, and much more.