Do You Need IAQ Products for Your Commercial Clients?

You already know a lot about offering your residential customers indoor air quality products. But did you know you should consider offering them to your commercial clients too? Office buildings can be some of the worst places for air contamination, and therefore the places in most need of commercial IAQ. Many times, the reasons for poor indoor air quality in office buildings include poorly maintained or operated ventilation systems, and uses for the building that were not anticipated when the building was designed or renovated.

Learn more about the sources of air contamination in commercial settings.

According to the EPA, sources of office air contamination often include:

• Environmental tobacco smoke
• Formaldehyde from pressed wood products
• Organics from building materials, carpet and other office furnishings
• Cleaning materials
• Restroom air fresheners
• Paints
• Adhesives
• Copying machines and photography and print shops
• Biological contaminates from dirty ventilation systems or water-damaged walls, ceilings and carpets
• Pesticides from pest management practices

Communicating the importance of commercial IAQ solutions is the first step.

Since there are many different issues that can lead to poor indoor air quality at a commercial site, the best thing you can do is have an honest discussion with the building manager when you're there providing annual maintenance, repair or equipment replacement. Are employees complaining of allergy and asthma symptoms? Do you yourself notice that the air has a musty or unpleasant odor? The chances are, your commercial client could benefit from our Indoor Air Quality products.

Finding commercial IAQ products is easy, too.

Many commercial IAQ products are readily available at your local Carrier®/Bryant® Distribution Center. Be sure to stop in and ask about them and other great commercial products today!