The Reman You Need is At Your Carrier/Bryant Distribution Parts Center

In the world of semi-hermetic compressors, you have choices. You can purchase a new semi-hermetic compressor, which can be very costly. You can choose a rebuilt compressor, but often you can’t be sure that it has been rebuilt to manufacturer standards. Or, you can choose a Carlyle remanufactured compressor – more affordable than a new one, but remanufactured to the exacting standards of Carlyle.

What makes a Carlyle remanufactured compressor stand above the rest? Our high standards for quality and durability aren’t reserved for our new products only. Genuine Carlyle remanufactured compressors are truly remanufactured – not rebuilt or repaired and repainted like most others – and tested to meet current engineering specifications for optimum reliability and performance.

Here are a few reasons why you should choose a Carlyle reman.

Carlyle remanufactured compressors are:

  • Remanufactured to the latest Carlyle engineering standards
  • Built to rigid specifications down to their smallest components
  • Fitted with matched components to ensure optimal performance
  • Utilize coated metal gaskets to maintain integrity under higher operating pressures
  • Thoroughly tested and evaluated to determine that they meet Carlyle standards
  • Equipped with high-flow oil pumps
  • Built to the highest efficiency standards in the industry
  • Remanufactured to the current OEM standards
  • Backed by Carrier Corporation
  • Built  to comply with internationally recognized safety standards

Purchasing a Carlyle reman is as easy as shopping at your Carrier/Bryant Distribution Center.

There, you’ll find Genuine Carlyle remanufactured semi-hermetic compressors, as well as the tools and components you need to complete the job. Be sure to stop by today, and let us help you get everything you need to get the job done.