Keep Your Truck Stocked With Totaline® Aftermarket Motors

As an HVAC dealer, you know that while you install industry brands, like Carrier® and Bryant®, not every customer who calls you for service will have those brands of equipment. That’s why it’s important to keep your truck stocked with replacement parts that can be used in a wide variety of equipment. You should know, you can count on your local Carrier/Bryant Distribution Parts Center to be your one-stop shop for all your aftermarket motor needs.

Your local distribution centers are stocked with every type and size motor you might need, for virtually any application. Choose Totaline direct drive, condenser fan, multi-horsepower, high temperature, belted blowers, and oil burner motors. Not only do we have an extensive inventory of motors available, but we have all the accessories you need for any motor replacement job as well.

Our universal motor lineup includes the Totaline FLEX13 and ECM FLEXPSC replacement motors.

Learn more about how our FLEX13 and ECM FLEXPSC motors can help you serve your customers with the replacement parts they need:

  • FLEX13: This motor is ready to go and easy to install. It’s the pre-programmed ECM drop-in replacement for constant torque blower motors.
  • ECM FLEXPSC: This motor enables you to upgrade your customer’s existing furnace to more energy-efficient ECM technology. It connects directly to standard PSC furnace and air handler boards and fits a wide variety of direct drive blower motor applications.

Not to mention, all Totaline motors are subject to our rigorous certification standards. Our Five Point Certification ensures that every motor meets uncompromising quality standards, so you can be confident you’re choosing the right motor for any replacement job:

Trust Totaline on your truck – when you need an aftermarket motor for any job, choose your local Carrier/Bryant Distribution Parts Center to help you get the job done. Learn more about our lineup of Totaline aftermarket motors.