Keep Their System Reliable With Factory Authorized Parts™ Filter-Driers

When you need to replace the filter-drier in your customer’s Carrier®, Bryant® or Payne® system, you should rely on Factory Authorized Parts to get the job done the right way. These parts provide the perfect fit, restoring equipment to its original performance. Even more importantly for your customers, Factory Authorized Parts filter driers maintain manufacturer warranties – using parts that are not made for Carrier, Bryant and Payne systems could void the warranty and cause diminished system performance.

What makes a Factory Authorized Parts filter-drier the ideal choice?

There are several features when it comes to these filter-driers that make them the right choice for maintaining system performance and reliability.

• Desiccant Mix – The 100 percent molecular sieve keeps refrigerant at low water concentrations, helping to prevent issues like freeze-up, rust and acid formation.

• Molecular Size of Desiccant Sleeve – The molecular size allows enough capacity to absorb all the initial water, as well as water that migrates over time. However, it does not co-absorb refrigerant or oils. And, it allows for minimal lubricant additive depletion.

• Dirt Filtration Capability – The advanced filter design allows for maximum filtration of dirt, copper and iron oxides, scale, flux and metal chips. It has greater contaminant catching capacity than core type driers.

• Water Capacity – These filter-driers are compatible with Puron® refrigerant – the type used in Carrier, Bryant and Payne equipment.

• Corrosion Resistance Ability – Factory Authorized Parts filter-driers are made to withstand a 500-hour salt spray test, and must meet additional stringent reliability requirements.

• Construction – These filter-driers are manufactured for a minimum application life of 15 years.

Not to mention, Factory Authorized Parts filter-driers provide an exact, drop-in replacement, making them the right fit every time for your customers’ equipment, and offering you the ease of installation you need to get the job done effectively and efficiently.
Where can I find Factory Authorized Parts filter-driers?

Getting the filter-driers you need for your customers’ Carrier, Bryant and Payne systems is easy – when you need Factory Authorized Parts filter-driers for your customer’s application, all you need to do is visit your local Carrier/Bryant Distribution Parts Center. There, you’ll find Factory Authorized Parts, as well as Totaline® aftermarket parts that can meet the needs of customers with other equipment brands.