Need a “Flexible” Drop-In Replacement? Choose the Totaline® FLEX13.

The Totaline® FLEX13 is a FLEXible drop-in replacement for constant torque ECM indoor blower motors with five, 24-volt speed taps. It’s available in 1/3 to 1 horsepower, and 115 or 208 to 230 Volt single-phase options.  It automatically determines rotation with no additional wiring required.  And there’s no programming required either - the FLEX13 is ready to go, right out of the box, making it very easy to install. Just match horsepower and voltage for a universal replacement.

Every Totaline FLEX13 goes through our rigorous 5-point certification.

Learn more about our certification process in the infographic below:


You can find the Totaline FLEX13 at your local Carrier®/Bryant® distribution center.

So remember, when you need a drop-in ECM replacement motor, count on the Totaline FLEX13. It’s reliable, affordable, and easy to install - so you can move on to your next job quickly.  It’s the FLEXible ECM constant torque motor solution. And it’s easy to find at your local Carrier/Bryant distribution center. Trust Totaline on your truck!

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