Have You Stocked Your Truck with the Tools of the Trade?

Your customers rely on you to get any HVAC job done for them in a timely fashion. Completing work promptly and effectively helps ensure customer satisfaction, and keeps them coming back to you for all their HVAC needs. One of the best things you can do to help keep customers satisfied is making sure you keep your trucks fully stocked at all times. That way, when your technicians go out on the job they’ll be able to work efficiently – no running back and forth to get the supplies they need. And the best way you can keep those trucks stocked? By getting all the supplies you need at your local Carrier®/Bryant® Distribution Parts Center.

We carry all the HVAC aftermarket supplies you need to keep your trucks fully stocked – and your customers completely satisfied. When you work with us on your supply needs, you’ll find that we carry virtually everything you require, for any job. So whether you need wiring accessories, tools of the trade, or ductless split accessories, your Carrier/Bryant Distribution Parts Center is ready to assist you.

We offer all the tools of the HVAC trade to help you keep your business running smoothly.

Turn to us when you need aftermarket supplies of any kind, including:

• Wiring Accessories: We offer a complete line of Totaline® wiring accessories, including terminals, connectors, cable ties, twist-on connectors, heat-shrinkable tubing, TEW wire, kits, tools, torches and more. When you choose us to help you get the wiring accessories you need, you’ll be able to crimp it, shrink it, twist it and tie it – without a problem and with no downtime!

• Totaline by TPI Tools: Totaline is the single source for your universal aftermarket parts tool needs. These universal tools can cover the majority of applications, including electrical, temperature, combustion, and pressure tools. Count on us to help meet your volt check, tester, multimeter, thermometer, gas leak detector, analyzer, and manometer needs.

• Ductless Split Accessories: More and more people are turning to ductless split systems to help keep their homes climate-controlled year-round. Dealers keep ductless split accessories on their truck, so they’re ready when these calls come in. Choose us for condensate removal pumps, lineset ducts, linesets, and mighty brackets, so you’ll be ready for any ductless job you might have.

Trust Totaline on your truck – when you need HVAC aftermarket supplies for any job, choose your local Carrier/Bryant Distribution Parts Center to help you get the job done. Learn more about our lineup of wiring accessories, Totaline by TPI tools, and ductless split accessories.