Featured Video: Ductless Split Accessories

No matter what brand of Ductless system you’re working on, trust Replacement Components for the right equipment to deliver incredible performance and easy installation at a very affordable price.

Blue Diamond® condensate removal pumps
You want quiet operation and good performance under demanding conditions, and that’s what you’ll get with the Blue Diamond line – that and an incredible three-year warranty. They can be mounted in any orientation without check valves, run dry without overheating, drive suction rather than siphon, and can handle both light debris and suspended solids.

  • MicroBlue® can be mounted up to six feet away from the unit and operates continuously in both wet and dry conditions.
  • MaxiBlue® is ideally suited for mid-range air conditioning systems. It can handle high humidity conditions while still delivering superb performance and reliability.
  • MegaBlue® features a slim lightweight design and excellent performance to overcome installation difficulties, so you can offer your customer an option that provides savings on installation and service down the road.

Mini condensate removal pumps from Sauermann®
These Sauermann pumps all feature quiet operation and a compact design for quick and easy installation, and drain safe devices. 

  • Si-20 can be installed inside the air conditioning system, whether it’s a wall-mounted, ducted, suspended ceiling or floor-mounted unit. It features rubber dampers and runs at a whisper quiet 22 decibels.
  • Si-30 provides many of the same key benefits as the Si-20, but also features a mounting bracket, locking power cord, and 20 decibel operation.
  • Omega Pack Pump, which offers the same incredible features as the Si-20, including rubber dampers and 22 decibel operation, but with a sleek, modern design for easy installation under wall mounted units.

Custom linesets that are made in the USA. They’re E243 approved, and engineered and tested for use with R-410A.  At Replacement Components, you have access to the many incredible lineset options available.

Mighty Bracket
Designed to securely hold the mini-splits evaporator coil for quick, easy connections of mini-split line sets, electrical components, and condensate drain pumps and hoses. It features 20-inch long support arms to provide space for evaporator coils to be temporarily angled away from the wall for easy back panel access. With the Mighty Bracket, evaporator coil mounting and connecting is now a hands-free, single-person task. It hooks onto both tabs of a mini-split wall mounting plate quickly. Now that’s convenience.

We offer an entire line of Ductless split parts and accessories – convenience, easy installation, and affordable high quality products that are ideal for any brand system. Bottom line - when you choose Replacement Components, you’ll save time and hassle on the job, and both you and your customer will save money.