Featured Video: Combustion

Watch this video to learn more about universal replacement combustion parts:

At Totaline®, we’re all about making your life easier. We offer affordable products that are easy to install and can reduce your time and hassle on the job - like our lineup of universal replacement combustion parts.

By universal, we mean a selection of 21 replacement parts that are ideal for almost any furnace, boiler, or water heater you might be working on. Not just Carrier, Bryant, and Payne - but any brand system. 

So when you need replacement combustion parts, count on Totaline for reliable, affordable parts that are easy to install. And because they can be used as replacements in almost any system, you won’t have to carry hundreds of parts, or lose valuable time ordering and picking up the part you need. When you stock Totaline universal combustion parts on your truck, you’ll always be ready. So you can get the repair done right, and move on to the next job quickly.

There’s no need to carry hundreds of parts on your truck. In many cases, one Totaline combustion part can replace hundreds of others.