Factory Authorized Parts™ Ignitors Keep Your Customers Comfortable

When you choose a Factory Authorized Parts ignitor, you can rest assured that you’re helping to keep your customers safe and warm this heating season. That’s because these ignitors are designed to meet exact specifications for Carrier®, Bryant® and Payne® equipment – and that ensures optimum system performance, proven reliability and safety.

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What sets Factory Authorized Parts ignitors apart from the rest? Here are a few reasons why these ignitors are the right choice:

  • Design Life: Our Factory Authorized Parts ignitor is designed for at least 1,700 hours over a 20-year life and 200,000 cycles.
  • CSA Specifications: Our Factory Authorized Parts ignitor is CSA certified to comply with ANSI Z21.20 Automatic Gas Ignition Systems and Components.
  • Drop-In Replacement: The Factory Authorized Parts ignitor was designed for the specific unit in which it’s to be installed. The Factory Authorized Part replacement ignitor is exact in fit, form and function.
  • Reliability: The Factory Authorized Part ignitor is designed and manufactured to a reliability goal of 99.5 percent for the first year of operation and 94.5 percent for the design life.
  • UL Listed & CSA Approved: Carrier, Bryant and Payne equipment is UL and CSA agency approved when repaired with a Factory Authorized Parts ignitor. Using the agency-certified components maintains the equipment certification.

Where can you find Factory Authorized Parts ignitors?

Fortunately, they’re readily available at your local Carrier®/Bryant® Distribution Center. So, when you need to repair a customer’s Carrier, Bryant or Payne equipment this winter, the right choice is always Factory Authorized Parts ignitors – choose them as an exact, drop in replacement that meets specifications and ensures optimum system performance, proven reliability, easy installation and maintenance, and safe system operation.