Carlyle Offers Remanufacturing Excellence

When you need a quality remanufactured semi-hermetic compressor, then look no further than your local Totaline® Sales Center and Carlyle®. When you choose a Carlyle remanufactured compressor from one of our Sales Centers, you’ll be getting a unit that’s much better than a rebuilt. Our compressors are remanufactured to exacting standards, in the same factory where they were originally produced.

Carlyle® Compressors:

• Are completely stripped down and precisely remanufactured
• Offer unparalleled precision and performance
• Are backed by a two-year warranty
• Come with Official UL Recognition

As you can see, when you choose a Carlyle semi-hermetic remanufactured compressor, you’re choosing a compressor that has been built to exacting standards to ensure the utmost safety and performance. When your purchase your compressor with us, our counter salespeople will help you get everything you need to effectively replace your customer’s semi-hermetic compressor. Stop in today to find out more about our semi-hermetic compressors or visit the semi-hermetic compressors of our site.

And don’t forget – we offer a full lineup of motors for your repair needs, too. Visit our motors and accessories section to find out how we can help meet your motor needs.