Breadth of Line at a Great Value

As an HVAC dealer, you know how important having high-quality chemicals is, especially if you want to get the job done the right way. But knowing where to find the best, most complete lineup of chemicals that is also a great value is not always as easy. Luckily, you don’t have to worry about finding the chemicals you need at a great value – all you need to do is visit your local Totaline Sales Center.

Totaline offers you a complete line of Chemicals for the HVAC industry. The line includes a variety of coil cleaners, water treatments and general use chemicals. All products are packaged with easy to read colored labels and contain information needed for a safe application. Offered in a wide array of sizes to suite various applications, Totaline has the chemicals of choice.

Take the Totaline Chemical Challenge, by trying any of these products and see if you don’t keep buying Totaline:

• Coil Cleaners
• Ice Machine Cleaner
• Electronic Air Cleaner
• Hornet & Wasp Killer
• Degreasing Solvent
• Fin Protector
• Leak Reactant
• Gas Leak Locator
• Hand Cleaner Wipes
• IAQ Kits
• Coil & Duct Sanitizer Spray
• System Sanitizer
• Condensate Drip Pan Cleaner
• Total Tab & Mega Tab
• Total Fresh & Total Fresh II
• Algaecide
• Corrosion Control
• Scale Remover

Chemicals are an important part of just about every job you do. When you need to stock up, visit your local Totaline Sales Center. Your counter sales representative will help you choose the right products for the job from our entire line of chemicals - and walk out happy, knowing you didn’t pay more than you had to for high quality! To view product literature and informative videos, please visit the chemicals section of our website, and thank you for choosing Totaline for all of your HVAC needs.