Aftermarket Electric Heaters Expansion

We are proud to announce the expansion of aftermarket electric heaters offering quality, affordability, and universality. By universality, we mean they’re compatible with almost any brand of equipment, making it easy to meet the needs of virtually any customer.

And, when it comes to our lineup of aftermarket electric heaters, there’s no need to purchase an entire pallet. Whether you need one heater or a hundred, we have you covered – at very attractive pricing.

We can help meet all your retrofit part needs.

Not to mention, Totaline® is your source for practically any retrofit part you might need. Motors and accessories, electrical components and accessories, indoor air quality products, semi-hermetic remanufactured compressors, heating and combustion components, tools and diagnostic equipment, even oils, chemicals, cleaners, and other supplies – if you need it, Totaline has it.

Additionaly, our cross reference tools, make it easy to find the exact replacement part you need. But if you have any questions or need any help at all, our customer service team is always here for you.

Visit your local distribution center for all the parts you need.

Whether you’re stocking a truck or stocking your shelves, trust the brand that checks all the boxes – quality, affordability, and a huge inventory of the right parts for almost any HVAC equipment, any brand, any job. Visit your nearest distribution center today.

Replacement Components is proud to announce the expansion of Aftermarket Electric Heaters.