Why Choose Factory Authorized Parts™?

If you're looking for the fastest, easiest way to repair your customers' Carrier®, Bryant® or Payne®­ equipment, you should know that Factory Authorized Parts are always the right choice. When you choose to install a Factory Authorized Part, you'll not only find an exact, drop-in replacement, but you'll also find an option that maintains original OEM efficiency – that means less time on the job for you, and a better solution for your customer.


Only Factory Authorized PartsTM are certified to meet OEM form,  fit & function.

A primary benefit of Factory Authorized Parts is the timesaving they offer. Products such as gas valves,  lengths, electrical connections and mounting characteristics are all exact, which make your job easier,  and provides a real benefit to your customers as well.

When you use Factory Authorized Parts in your customers' equipment, you maintain the manufacturer's warranty, the original system efficiency, and engineered sound requirements.  Additionally, UL and/or CSA-approvals and listings are maintained. That means you're providing  homeowners with products that have been tested by Underwriter's Laboratories, Inc. and/or the  Canadian Standards Association, and have met their rigorous safety standards.

If you are a homeowner with Carrier, Bryant or Payne equipment installed in your home, be sure to  ask your technician to use Factory Authorized Parts whenever they make repairs on your heating or  cooling equipment. That way, you’ll know the parts being used have been specifically designed and  built for your equipment. They provide the perfect fit, and restore your equipment to its original  performance.


Meets exact part design life testing for maximum reliability & durability
Provides exact drop-in replacement
Meets exact design specifications for optimum system performance
Preserves equipment warranty
Maintains agency certifications and safety standards
Design specifications are proprietary & not available to other parts manufacturers



So take care of your customer's Carrier, Bryant or Payne equipment the right way – choose Factory Authorized Parts every time you need to make a repair. To learn more about our complete lineup of Factory Authorized Parts, visit us online at www.totaline.com, or stop into one of our Totaline Sales Centers. There, our friendly counter salespeople will be more than happy to help you with your Factory Authorized Parts needs, and much more.