Variable Frequency Drives: The New Standard

Did you know that 50 percent of the energy used in a typical commercial building is consumed by the HVAC system? That’s a lot – and can cost businesses and organizations a substantial amount of money over time. As an HVAC contractor, you should know that you can help commercial clients reduce their energy consumption and much more, by offering to install a variable frequency drive, or VFD, on their system.

By adding variable speed control to system components such as supply and return fans, pumps, cooling towers, and cooling fans, respectable amounts of electrical energy can be saved; so much, in fact, that typical payback times range from a half-year to three years. Not to mention, a VFD will provide your commercial clients with a number of additional benefits. They may enjoy better air quality, reduced maintenance, enhanced motor protection, and lower noise levels.

Our VFDs have many quality features your commercial clients may love.

  • Harmonics Reducing Swinging Choke
  • Built-In EMI/RFI Filter
  • Built-In Communication Suites
  • Interactive Keypad
  • Comprehensive Diagnostics
  • HVAC Software Enhancements
  • Enclosures & Mounting

When you need variable frequency drives for your commercial clients, finding the solution is as simple as visiting your local Carrier®/Bryant® Distribution Parts Center. They’ll be glad to help you get the parts you need, including VFDs, to keep your clients’ equipment running effectively and efficiently.